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We specialize in affordable quality Western meals, utilizing nothing but the freshest, most high-quality ingredients available, delivered to your home or office. We're dedicated to great-tasting and healthy food, everything we do is home-made, from our dressings, sauces, soups and mains. Highest hygiene standards have top priority at Nosh, and we only use RO filtered water for washing all our veggies and salads.

Avocado Salmon Rye

Whole grain bread with a layer of creamy avocado mash, topped with slices of smoked salmon.

¥ 48.00

Crepes w/ Spinach, Eggs & Bacon

Two warm crepes served with scrambled eggs, bacon, tomato and spinach, baked with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese.

¥ 38.00

Egg & Cheese Panini

Toasted panini spread with homemade tomato salsa and scrambled egg, bacon, Gruyere cheese

¥ 45.00

Bircher Muesli w/ Cranberry

Our Signature breakfast based on a Swiss family recipe. Balanced flavors of honey, apple, grapes, banana, orange and crunchy hazelnuts

¥ 37.00

Bagel with Cream Cheese and Jam

With home-made strawberry or rhubarb jam

¥ 38.00

Avocado Salmon Egg Bagel

Cream cheese, fried egg, avocado, smoked salmon,

¥ 67.00

Bacon Egg Bagel

Whipped cream cheese, fried egg, crispy bacon

¥ 47.00

Smoked Salmon Bagel

Whipped cream cheese, smoked salmon, cucumber, red onion

¥ 64.00

Tomato Melt Bagel

Whipped cream cheese, tomato, melted Gruyere cheese

¥ 45.00

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Due to the weather conditions your delivery might take a little longer than usual. We're really sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, and thank you for your understanding.

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Nosh ECO Cutlery

As a food delivery company with high packaging usage, we have an obligation to walk the extra mile to protect our fragile environment. As ECO first movers in China, Nosh is introducing a number of initiatives to minimize our environmental food print.

Our biodegradable cutlery is made from 100% cornstarch, wrapped in an unbleached paper napkin printed with soybean ink. To protect the cutlery, we use an unbleached paper envelope also printed with soybean ink. Each bag comes with a set of knife, fork, spoon and a napkin. 2rmb per bag.

Unfortunately we are no longer offering free cutlery with the orders.


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